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Unity 3D YouTube to create Third person shooter

  Essentials videos to create a Third Person Shooter: Character and camera movement Move Free camera To create Crosshair Shooting with bullets and custom projectiles How to Rotate 3D Object to face Mouse Position Procedural motion for animated skeletons! Unity Animation Rigging - Aiming a weapon using Multi Aim Constraint Free Sounds

Cabal or Blood Bros Style Game

I would like to develope a Cabal style game with Unity. Image from: Or Blood Bros style Game Image from: I would like to make it, but with Unity and 3D. You can see the retro game in this video:

Lowpoly Style Ultra Pack for levels game

Six packs in a single package! Asia, Desert, Woodlands ,Winter, Forest and Tropical Islands at an unbeatable price! Build your own environments with easy drag'n'drop: all assets come with a fitting collider and prefabs. Or use the 6 vast, prebuilt demoscenes that are included. Performance: All 6 environments share 1 material and 1 texture, so you even can mix them and Unity can still batch the drawcalls together. This pack has 6 environments to create Afrika, Europe, Pacific and Russian levels. 336 prefabs and 6 demos. I will use this demos to create my levels. Links Lowpoly Style Ultra Pack

WW2 Toon soldiers

I will use Toon Soldiers - WW2 edition Cartoonish low-poly WW2 soldiers fully animated, ideal for strategy games. Mecanim ready Five armies models (US, German, Soviet, Japanese and British) Customizable characters (various heads and skins per model) 38 weapon models, plus some scope and bayonet variations, grenades and extra equipment. weapons and backpacks compatible with other Toon Soldiers packs. More than 300 animations: around 70 animations per weapon set, including melee, handgun, assault, rocket launcher, light machinegun Root motion animations included. WW2 Toon solider movements Links WWII solider in Assets Unity Store